Despite what some may say, college football season is off to a huge success

The college football season has officially been going on for five weeks now and, all signs point to a smashing success for the initial six conferences that decided to go against the narrative that it was unsafe to play football this fall. Sure, we have seen a handful of postponements of games here and there due to positive cases of the virus on a few teams. With that being said, to date, there have been a total of zero hospitalizations within any program so far.

Sep 26, 2020; Oxford, Mississippi, USA; Florida Gators quarterback Kyle Trask (11) during the first half against the Mississippi Rebels at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Not to mention, the college towns across the blueprint of programs that have started to play have seen a major economic boom over the last five weeks. These aren’t big corporations we’re talking about here these are small businesses that rely on having a college football season to make ends meet. These shops and restaurant owners will be able to feed their families because we have a college football season to enjoy. From the people on the plains of Auburn to Beale Street, these are the people that make America the country it is today and, these are the people that deserve to have a full college football season this fall.

It might seem weird to some, but in the blueprint of the original six conferences that decided to play football this fall, football is everything. The people down here understand the risk of the virus, however, like anything else in life they don’t let it consume them. The six conferences that listened to their doctors and decided on safe protocols to not only combat the Covid-19 virus but they also set the standard for others to follow. The leadership that has been shown over the last six months by these Commissioners has been nothing short of amazing. They put the student-athletes first and did what they wanted but also following the guidelines that were set forth by the CDC.

As far as the rest of the season goes? Expect for things to remain the same as we welcome new conferences to the mix starting on October 24th with the Big Ten joining the party. Expect for more Saturday afternoons filled with matchups that will leave you speechless. Expect for the unexpected to happen, after all, it’s 2020 and weird things happen naturally in college football. Most importantly, enjoy every moment. You might not be able to attend a game in person due to the protocols in place to keep everybody healthy, but nobody is stopping you from firing up multiple screens in your home while you kick back with a beverage of your choice and mouth-watering food and fellowship, that only football season can bring.

Lastly, ignore the talking heads. They want nothing more than to ruin college football season for their agenda. College football season is a sacred time and if Covid-19 has taught us anything at all, it’s to take advantage of the small moments. It might seem weird to some, but college football is a way of life for a lot of people. It’s the student-athletes who have worked their entire life to put on those colors, it’s the everyday person who works a 50 hour work week just to enjoy a Saturday off watching the conference of their choice, it’s also the very fabric that holds this country together. College football has always and will always be America’s favorite activity and there’s nothing that anybody can do about it to change that.

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