Opening day of College Basketball matchups to watch out for

We have officially made it to College Basketball season and with that comes first day matchups that mirror that of the NCAA Tournament. For the first time since March, college basketball will take center stage with matchups on Wednesday that will keep every basketball fan in the country glued to their television.

Next Wednesday will also be a day of celebration for the vast amount of college basketball fans across the country. This has been the longest offseason in the history of college basketball. College basketball fans will finally have a whole weekend that will feel exactly like an NCAA Tournament first round.

With the TV schedule yet to be released, we just have the matchups to watch out for which, is plenty for the everyday fan.

Games to watch out for on Wednesday the 25th.

Tennessee Tech at Indiana

Winthrop —— Seton Hall ( Louisville)

UCLA ——– San Diego State

Rhode Island ——– Stephen F. Austin

Texas A&M ——— West Virginia

UMBC ——— Georgetown

Memphis ———– St. Mary’s ( South Dakota)

Morehead State at Kentucky

Liberty ——- Purdue

Villanova ——– Boston College

South Dakota State ——— Creighton

Clemson ——– Mississippi State

Baylor ———– Arizona State

If those matchups don’t get you excited for what’s to come, then you need to check your pulse and reevaluate your love for the game of basketball. Some of these matchups are potential NCAA Tournament regional games.

Celebrate next weekend like you would an NCAA Tournament. Grab that pizza that you love so much, set up multiple screens to watch the games on, and relax. With everything going in this country with Covid, it’s the least you can do to regain a sense of normalcy and happiness in these dark times.

Lastly, get excited! College basketball is back, and this season will be better than ever before, which is evident in the matchups on opening day.

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