Don’t look now, the Razorbacks are rolling with no end in sight

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball program. Winners of the last seven games, Arkansas is rolling with no end in sight. They say, ” Winning Cures Everything,” and boy, that phrase is so accurate when it comes to Eric Musselman and his Razorbacks! Watching them on Tuesday night in their 75-64 win over Florida, there was something different about this Razorbacks basketball team. It was very reminiscent of the Arkansas of old under Nolan Richardson.

When you look at the box scores from the last seven games for the Razorbacks, something, in particular, will stand out to you. This is an Arkansas team that shares the wealth of scoring. In the most recent game against Florida, four out of the five starters scored in the double figures. These Razorbacks play for the front of the jersey and, that’s evident when you look at the box scores. A team that loves each other is a team that will succeed come March Madness time.

What Arkansas has done in the last seven games is nothing short of amazing. It’s hard as a College Basketball fan not to get excited about what the Razorbacks are doing. Not only is this program setting itself up for short-term success this season. Coach Musselman is also building for the future and understands the implications that it would have on his Razorbacks to make it to the NCAA Tournament. Not only would it renew a once-proud SEC basketball fan base, but it would also revamp the recruiting pipeline that the Razorbacks have on the southeastern states, in particular, the Mid-South.

When Arkansas is good, the whole Southeastern Conference benefits from it. Take it back to the mid-90s when the Razorbacks were ” Rolling with Nolan” with their 40 minutes of hell, going up against Rick Pitino and his run-and-gun Kentucky teams. SEC Basketball from that generation can attest, those Kentucky and Arkansas games were something to behold. Now with Arkansas rolling again, people are starting to get hopeful for the future of this program. Sure, Kentucky is having a down year this season, but give it the time it deserves, and both the Razorbacks and Wildcats will both be back on top of their rightful spots over the SEC.

As it sits right now in the standings, the Razorbacks are alone at second place with four weeks to play until the SEC Tournament in Nashville. All the Razorbacks have to do, is to keep winning. At 17-5 overall, Arkansas is a lock for the NCAA Tournament. At this point in the season, it’s about playing for seeding in the NCAA Tournament. Once Selection Sunday rolls around, Coach Musselman and his Razorbacks would love to have a favorable draw to make a run in the Big Dance.

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