Ole Miss baseball, All Gas and No Brakes

Ole Miss baseball was vastly underrated by every preseason poll in College Baseball, but as this weekend showed, the Rebels are out for blood and look to be the best team in baseball. Ole Miss has won 19 straight baseball games dating back to last season. In that span, the Rebels have defeated the likeness of Louisville, Texas, TCU, Texas Tech, and East Carolina, to name a few.

Since last spring, Ole Miss baseball has been at the forefront of every southern baseball conversation across the Southeast. Those conversations go a little like this, Can Mike Bianco and his Rebels make it to Omaha? Does Ole Miss finally have the team to win a College World Series? How are they that good and remain so humble and hungry?

To find the answers to those questions, fans from across the Southeast must look within the program itself. Head Coach Mike Bianco has built Ole Miss baseball into one of the best programs in College Baseball history. Bianco himself is a prime example of why this program has done so well. Bianco, like any other SEC coach, runs a tight ship, but what makes him and his teams so different is the love they have for one another and the game of baseball. When you combine the two, you get a product on the field similar to what Ole Miss has now.

When you take a good look at this Ole Miss team this year, you’ll notice a team that not only has a legitimate shot at winning the College World Series but also is the clear-cut favorite to win the SEC Tournament in Hoover. Some might even say if Ole Miss were to win the SEC Tournament but not the World Series, that Ole Miss would still be the best team in the country given the SEC is the best baseball conference in America.

With the way things are going, it’s easy to understand why Ole Miss baseball has a new sense of swagger heading into the rest of the 2021 baseball season. Ole Miss has the opportunity this season to go down as one of the best College Baseball teams of all-time and to potentially start a dynasty of their own. For the folks in Oxford, enjoy this team while you have them. Greatness like this doesn’t happen often. It’s a once and lifetime team that won’t be around forever.

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