Once again, The Masters brings a sense of renewal and hope to those across the Globe

For 87 years, the Masters has served as the unofficial start of the renewal season or better known as Spring. The Masters has become a fixture in the homes of millions across the Globe. Often, the tournament falls right after Easter and the Final Four in that second weekend of April. For many, the Masters is the weekend where they fully accept a new season of growth both personally and in their professional life. It might seem strange to some, but The Masters has always brought happiness and hope to the world even through dark times such as those that we currently face together.

Photo Credits: ESPN.com ( Dustin Johnson)

Last year, for example, the decision was made to postpone the 2020 Masters until November due to the uncertainty behind the Covid-19 pandemic. Quite frankly, it was the postponement of The Masters that was the final straw in breaking the backs of millions of people from across the globe. Nobody had a clue about what we were up against or, if we would even make it through, then the Fall rolled around and, there was the Masters to greet us like a long-lost friend.

Fast forward to a few months later, April of 2021, here we are, being greeted by the beautiful Azaleas on Amen Corner or by the vast array of beauty only found at Augusta National. For the first time in over a year, we finally have a sense of renewal and excitement for the future, large in part to the playing of The Master’s golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

As this tournament progresses and we award another golfer with the beautiful green jacket, take a second to appreciate how much this tournament means to each one of us. No matter your background, or where you’re from, or even how old you are. Everybody has a Masters’ moment that will forever live with you until the end of time. That alone is why every year, patrons from across the world tune in to the action at Augusta National for a renewal of the heart and to spring forward into a new season.

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