Head Coach Kim Mulkey brings a level of excellence to Baton Rouge and the LSU community

With the addition of Head Coach Kim Mulkey to the LSU athletics department, a new sense of swagger and feeling of never backing down as arrived in Baton Rouge. LSU has always been one to never back down to anyone, and that’s self-evident to the hiring of a Women’s Basketball legend, Kim Mulkey. Some might hate LSU for being this way, but the truth is, it’s good for college athletics to have a program like LSU to root against. For LSU, they could care less if you like them or hate them, and that’s something that we should respect.

Sure, some might disagree with her on political issues or her attitude, but the hiring of Kim Mulkey by LSU also brings a renewed sense of excitement and hope for the women’s basketball program. A program that has been to five Final Four’s, including the latest in 2008, it’s always been a program that was so close to winning a National Championship but has never been able to finish the task.

Coach Mulkey brings a Hall of Fame career to Baton Rouge, with an impressive 631-104 record as Head Coach, with three National Championships in her three years at Baylor. Mulkey was also inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame back in 2000.

Photo Credits: TheAdvertiser.com

So what else does the addition of Kim Mulkey to LSU mean for the athletics department and the LSU faithful? Honestly, fans can expect a lot more championship parades to flood through the streets of Baton Rouge with purple and gold beads stuck on every marsh tree across the state of Louisiana. For the first time in a long time, LSU fans can sit at the same table as their rivals in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and others, not just in football but in every sport across the table.

Kim Mulkey will bring a new level of excellence to an already proud program, the type of excellence that will forever last in the folklore of Louisiana State University history.

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