Love him, or hate him, Coach Saban has forever changed the game of College Football

It’s no secret that Nick Saban runs College Football, but what most people don’t understand, Coach Saban is the modern-day Bear Bryant, and it’s not just about the Championships either. Coach Saban leads all of College Football in former assistants turning over and taking control of their successful program. This year alone, Coach Saban produced two guys in Butch Jones who took the job at Arkansas State and Coach Charles Huff at Marshall. Both guys give credit to Coach Saban for teaching them the right way to approach the profession of coaching. Both Coaches joined The Mitch Davis Show podcast here recently and spent several minutes explaining to the audience about the process and what it takes to build an elite College Football program.

NEW ORLEANS – JANUARY 4: Head coach Nick Saban of the Louisiana State Tigers stands next to the Bowl Championship Series Trophy after his team defeated the Oklahoma Sooners in the Nokia Sugar Bowl National Championship on January 4, 2004 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Tigers defeated the Sooners 21-14 to win the National Championship. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

So what’s the process? What does it take to build an elite College Football program such as Alabama? It’s not rocket science either. According to Coach Huff at Marshall, it all starts with instilling in the players a sense of pride both on and off the football field.

Here’s the truth, the two best hires of the offseason were made by Arkansas State, and Marshall, both of which came from the Nick Saban coaching tree. Both programs are already in prime position to win a lot of championships, but with the additions of Coach Butch Jones and Coach Huff, things could change for the way people view the group of five.

Say what you want about Coach Saban, you might not even like the guy, but the impact that he has had on the game of College Football is something every single one of us can respect. It’s not just Butch Jones, Coach Huff, or heck, even Lane Kiffin, but Coach Saban will forever go down in the history books as the most influential college football coach of all time.

Not only does Coach Saban produce top-tier football coaches from across the country who go on to other programs of their own, but the amount of NFL players who played for Nick Saban is something that even the smartest of people can’t begin to fathom.

So here’s the thing, it’s easy to see and understand why programs like Arkansas State, Marshall, Ole Miss, and many others get excited when they go out and hire a guy who has coached under Nick Saban. History has shown us that nobody is better than Coach Saban, but the guys he produces to lead programs across the country are in the best position to carry on the legacy of Nick Saban long after Coach Saban steps away from the game of football.

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There will never be another Coach Saban.

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