The road to Omaha starts this weekend as teams finish out the regular season

With just one week remaining in the 2021 College Baseball regular season, we still have no idea what to expect from the postseason. Sure, you could make an argument that Arkansas is the best team in the country, but you could also counter that with about eight other teams that could give the Razorbacks a run for their money. You also have another twenty teams that wouldn’t shock anybody to make a run in the NCAA Tournament. But first, teams have one more weekend to figure everything out before heading to their respective conferences where there is no more room for error.

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Once you get to this point in the season, there’s no more time for excuses or misunderstandings. Like any other sport, College Baseball is a sport where it truly matters what you do in the closing weeks ahead of the NCAA Tournament. A prime example of that? Let’s take it back to 2016 when Coastal Carolina shocked the world and won 26 out of their last 27 games to win the NCAA Championship in Omaha. Coastal got hot at the right time and took the College Baseball world by storm.

That last weekend of the College Baseball regular season is also the last chance for several bubble programs like Kentucky or Alabama, or even a program like Iowa. All three programs sit there on the bubble, need a series win this weekend to stay alive in the conversation without being forced into a situation where they have to win their Conference Tournament, or they’ll miss the NCAA Tournament altogether.

What about the top-tier programs like Arkansas, Vanderbilt, Arizona, East Carolina, or even Ole Miss? At this point in the season? These are the programs that are fine-tuning things before heading to their Conference Tournaments next week. These are also the programs that a series loss this weekend wouldn’t hurt their standing within the NCAA Tournament but could serve as a confidence killer as they get ready for the postseason.

Lastly, for the fans who have enjoyed this season, the best is yet to come. If this season has shown us anything at all, it’s the beauty of College Baseball. College Baseball has and will always be the purest form of baseball, and its postseason is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. As fans of the game of College Baseball, we’re truly in for a treat this Spring with the 2021 NCAA Baseball Tournament.

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