Takeaways from an exciting opening weekend of College Football

Boy, oh boy, it sure felt good to have College Football back this weekend. Fans and student-athletes alike seemed to enjoy their freedoms this weekend. Everywhere you looked, you saw full stadiums, tailgates, and heart-pounding action on the field.

In all honesty, this weekend was probably one of the most exciting weekends of College Football that we’ve ever had.

After a weekend like we’ve had, we’re bound to have several takeaways and thoughts.

First, it felt so dang good to have full stadiums and tailgates again. Quite frankly, it felt whole again. I know some people in the woke world will try to ruin the moment for us, but to be honest, there’s nothing they can say or do that will take away the magic that happened this weekend. It was just amazing to see people from all walks of life this weekend gathering together and celebrating life as one.

As far as the action on the field went, there must’ve been something in the water because week one of the 2021 College Football season was like something out of movie script.

Photo Credits: Alabama football

To start things off with the defending National Champion in Alabama. The Crimson Tide came into the 2021 season poised and ready to defend their crown. Which, as expected, Alabama completely rolled Miami 44-13. Bryce Young threw for 344 yards on the Hurricanes’ defense, and Alabama made them look like a middle school team going up against the high schoolers.

Next, we make our way to the Bluegrass state, where Head Coach Mark Stoops has quietly built the Kentucky Wildcats into a legitimate contender in the SEC East. On Saturday, Kentucky defeated Lousiana Monroe 45-10. One thing that stood out about this Kentucky team was the offensive firepower and the downfield passing game showcased by the transfer quarterback Will Levis. I know what some will say it’s just Kentucky; there’s nothing to fear. Boy, oh boy, could that ever be farther from the truth than it is. Kentucky is probably in the best case to win the SEC East than any of the other six teams in the division.

Photo Credits: Kentucky Football

Lastly, watch out for the Ole Miss Rebels and Matt Corral. Ole Miss closed the Labor Day Weekend by lighting up the scoreboard down in Atlanta in a blowout win over Louisville. A lot of folks in the offseason were high on Ole Miss, saying they could even sneak up and surprise Alabama. Which, is a bit of a stretch but, after watching the other five teams in the SEC West over the weekend, I don’t see a better twosome in the SEC West than Alabama and Ole Miss, and to be frank, those two will have a battle on October 2nd, when they meet on the field in Tuscaloosa.

As far as Matt Corral goes, College Football will enjoy watching this kid this season. There’s just something special about the way he leads the Rebels and the maturity he shows both in and out of the huddle. He’s just one of those special football players that could go down in Ole Miss folklore as one of the greatest players to come through Oxford.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Athletics

As we turn the page on Week one, let’s all come together to celebrate having College Football back.

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