Freedom and College Football, the healing that Americans needed and deserved

It’s been two weeks since the start of the 2021 College Football season, and as expected, people from across the country have come out to enjoy their freedoms as College Football fans and as Americans. I know it goes without saying, but it feels so dang good to have football back. Not only to have it back on the field but having it back across the board, people finally have a reason to celebrate. Everywhere you look, no matter if it’s down south in the SEC or up North, you see families and friends gathering together, united through their love for football.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Football

College Football has done more to heal this country in two weeks than the government has in 18 month’s it’s that simple. It doesn’t matter your political affiliation, or where you’re from, or heck, even if you wear a mask or not, College Football has been the natural healer for all of us.

Not to mention, the action on the field has left College Football fans hungry for more. In two weeks alone, we’ve already had massive upsets with FCS teams over FBS programs, a firing of a power five coach, and games that have been etched in the history of College Football as instant classics.

Photo Credits: Arkansas Football

Not to mention, College Football fans across America sent a loud and proud message this past weekend about enjoying their freedom and their football. It was the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and everywhere you looked, you saw Americans coming together as one. To be honest, there’s truly no other sport like College Football and the healing it brings to the everyday American. There’s just nothing like it.

With all of that being said, some in the sports media world fought like hell to put a stop to having a College Football season this year, and to be frank, they were wrong. They’ll never own up to it, but they were wrong. We survived the 2020 season without any craziness, and here we are in 2021, and we’re two weeks in, and people are enjoying their freedoms and football without a care for the people who tried to bring down the sport that we all know and love. Had we listened to those folks, America would have never healed from the hell that we had found ourselves for eighteen months.

Photo Credits: Kentucky Football

To those people who said we couldn’t, you owe your fellow Americans an apology for causing division and using that division for their gain. As College Football fans, media, student-athletes, and coaches, it’s our job to hold those people accountable for trying to away from the beautiful game of College Football for personal gain.

In no way were their actions reflective of the true American spirit that we see on any given Saturday afternoon across the country. America is much more than some sports media figure or a politician whose main objective is to control every move we make, including how we celebrate our freedoms as College Football fans.

Photo Credits: Iowa Football

Lastly, to the everyday College Football fan, keep doing what you’re doing. You might not realize it now, but you’re helping the rest of the world to heal and to mend the brokenness that the last eighteen months have caused. Remember, College Football has and will always be there, don’t pay any attention to those who tried for months to take away the game from us. Instead, keep celebrating your freedoms and enjoy the 2021 College Football season. There’s truly nothing more amazing than College Football and the memories that are created because of everyday Americans who just love College Football for what it is.

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