As the Tigers get ready for Mississippi State, it’s time for the 901 to show up and prove they belong

It’s no secret there’s a pretty big College Football game here in the 901 on Saturday afternoon as the Memphis Tigers play host to long-time rival Mississippi State. Arguably, it’s the biggest regular season of the Ryan Silverfield era at Memphis. For more reasons than not, Saturday is about much more than just beating Missississippi State. It’s about showing the rest of the world that Memphis football belongs in the conversation to be considered for one of the many Power Five Openings across the country.

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

I get it, Memphis fans are frustrated, but wouldn’t it be poetic justice to sell out the Liberty Bowl and knock off another SEC program to prove you belong? To play with the big boys on Saturday, you first have to earn their respect by beating them on the field and selling out the Liberty Bowl every game, no matter the opponent. Memphis has some of the greatest fans in all of College Sports. They’re fierce and loyal, but selling out the Liberty Bowl has always been a struggle for this program, but why not now? Why not Saturday? What excuse do Memphis fans have not to pack out that stadium and carry the boys in blue past the finish line?

I mean, come on! Am I missing something here? The weather is supposed to be perfect, it’s a major rivalry game for the Tigers, and overall, it’s been eighteen months since we’ve been able to come together as one to celebrate life and our freedoms as Memphians and Americans. What more could you want as a Memphis football fan?

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

Not to mention, Memphis has one of the best offensive units in the entire country, with two true freshmen leading the charge in Seth Henigan and Brandon Thomas. Just last week, in their win over Arkansas State, Henigan threw for 417 yards on five touchdowns, going twenty-two for thirty-four on attempts, which left Henigan earning the honors of 247 Sports True Freshman of the week. Thomas rushed for 194 yards, two touchdowns on 18 carries. If that alone doesn’t get you excited about not only the future of this program but also for the matchup on Saturday, then truthfully, I don’t know what will. Memphis Football fans have longed to have guys that could compete at any program across the country, and they finally have it. It’s not just Seth Henigan or Brandon Thomas either. It’s their teammates like Calvin Austin, Sean Dykers, or heck, even Thomas Pickens on the defensive side of the ball. No matter which direction you turn on this Memphis football team, you’ll find guys that will have a chance at competing at the highest level in the NFL. That’s just Memphis football for you. It’s a hidden gem amongst the diamonds.

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

I’ll ask again, what’s the excuse Tiger Fans? It’s time you put up or shut up for this program. Tommy West built it, Justin Fuente managed it, Mike Norvell took it to new heights, and Coach Silverfield is building for a historic future filled with Championships both on the conference and national levels. But, the time is now to get out to the Liberty Bowl on Saturday and show the rest of the College Football world what Memphis Football is all about. No more excuses, Memphis Football is primed and ready to take on the big stage on Saturday afternoon as they welcome the Bulldogs to the 901.

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