Coach Ryan Silverfield proves yet again, he’s the right man for the job at Memphis

Once again, Coach Ryan Silverfield proves yet again why he’s the right man for the job at the University of Memphis. When Coach Silverfield was hired at Memphis, a lot of folks in the media and the fan base wondered if the experiment would be a success or would Memphis football return back to the Memphis Football of old. Well, once again, following the win over Mississippi State, Coach Silverfeild had proven himself to the rest of the College Football world as the deserving Head Coach of the Memphis Tigers.

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In year one under Coach Silverfield, Memphis defeated UCF on their way to an impressive 8-3 season which, capped itself off with a Montgomery Bowl win over FAU. It was last season that Coach Silverfield put the College Football world on notice. Coach Silverfield or his program would never back down from a fight, no matter the size of the opponent on the opposite side of the field.

That was self-evident on Saturday afternoon at the Liberty Bowl as Coach Silverfield kept his team calm and poised even when they got down 17-7 at the half. Memphis didn’t quit. They kept fighting. There was a grit about the Tigers that comes from the very top. There’s truly not a bad thing you can say about this team or coaching staff that would make any sense.

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I mean, go back and watch the punt return from Calvin Austin on Saturday. That was pure coaching to have his player know that wasn’t a dead ball. I know some of you are going to say it was poor officiating instead of giving credit to Memphis or their coaching staff, but that just isn’t true. Coach Silverfield and his staff preach to this Memphis football team daily the importance of playing fundamental, disciplined football. Without that brand of football and the realization of how important it is, young coaches won’t win. Coach Silverfield understands that which, is part of his success at Memphis so far.

Lastly, you can throw all the big wins that Coach Silverfield has had so far as the Head Coach at Memphis, but what’s more impressive than that is the true love he has for the program and the city of Memphis. Not only do his players take notice of it, but it’s self-evident in the way he recruits young talent to the University Of Memphis. Tommy West started the process, Justin Fuente lit the flame, Coach Norvell carried the torch, now Ryan Silverfield takes the flame looking to launch a fire never seen before in Memphis football history. It won’t be easy, but Coach Silverfield is here to stay, and more wins like Saturday will come.

2 responses to “Coach Ryan Silverfield proves yet again, he’s the right man for the job at Memphis”

  1. Saturday’s game was the most exciting game I have seen as a tiger fan.
    The defense was absolutely awesome and should have been a wake up call for any fan out there who doubted them. Just a great game all the way around. GTG


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