A new season begins on Saturday, as the Memphis Tigers prepare for a tough road battle at Temple

Saturday’s loss to UTSA was less than ideal for Ryan Silverfield and his Memphis Tigers nobody is arguing that. But, despite what some might say, the 2021 Memphis Football season is far from being over. Memphis still has a lot to play for, including an American Athletic Championship. In hindsight, if UTSA is, in fact, the only loss this season, Memphis could also go on a run that ends with them playing in a New Years Six Bowl game.

Photo Credit: Memphis Football

To those fans that were complaining following the loss on Saturday, I have one question for you. Do you not remember the days of Larry Porter, where if the program won a game, then it would be celebrated like Memphis had won the national championship? I get it the program is far beyond where the program was during that era, but one loss doesn’t define a season and, to even hint at that, is foolish and deadly for this program.

So, where does Memphis go from here, and what is the blueprint to get there?

First things first, Memphis has got to have somebody in the locker room stand up and show the young guys on the team what leadership looks like and what those leaders demand from their guys. Sure, it would be easier if this leadership came from the coaching staff, but in these cases, it all starts and ends with the student-athletes in the locker room. Most likely, that leader will take the form of Calvin Austin. Austin is a guy who has been around this Memphis football program for a while. He understands what wearing that Memphis blue and grey truly means to the university and the city of Memphis. Younger players on the team also respect having the older guys lead by example in both success and failure on the field.

Photo Credit: Memphis Football

Second, short-term memory is so crucial for this young Memphis Tigers team. They lost, it’s that simple, but to keep from losing a second straight game, you just have to forget about the bad from the previous week and focus on the brand new season ahead. Right now, the record book shows Memphis at three wins and one loss, but going forward, if you want success every week, you’re back to zero wins and zero losses.

Third, the Memphis fan base needs to get behind these boys and carry these programs to heights that we’ve seen before. What exactly does that mean? Refrain from any negativity on social media, around the players, or even in your mind. Memphis fans, it’s your time to get behind these boys like you know you can and support them like never before. It takes a village to sustain the success of the kingdom. I’m calling on every Tiger fan in the Mid-South to sell out every remaining game on the schedule and make the Liberty Bowl one of the most intimidating places to play in College Football.

Memphis vs. Florida Atlantic Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2020, in the Montgomery Bowl at Cramton Bowl in Montgomery, Ala. (AP Photo/Julie Bennett)

Memphis Football will hit the road this Saturday to start a two-game road trip where the Tigers will face Temple before heading to Tulsa to take on the Golden Hurricanes. A brand new season is upon this team. They have nowhere to go but up.

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