Three things I expect to see from Memphis Madness on Wednesday night

It’s finally here! It’s Memphis Madness day here in the 901, and, as expected, the excitement levels are through the roof for year four under Head Coach Penny Hardaway. No matter where you go in Memphis, Coach Penny Hardaway has fans from the city talking about Memphis Basketball and the off-season they just had. Which, leads us to three intriguing things to watch out for on Wednesday night as the Tigers take the court for Memphis Madness.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

First things first, Memphis fans should be excited to see just how far the development of Lester Quinones and Landers Nolly has come since Penny brought in Larry Brown to help coach and develop the talent of guys like this. Last season for both Landers Nolley and Lester Quinones was just the tip of the iceberg of potential for these two guys. Tiger fans can expect to see the leadership from these two on Wednesday night as Memphis takes the court in the first scrimmage of the season before the fans.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

Second, I want to see the return of DeAndre Williams and the immediate impact that he will have on this 2021-2022 Memphis Tigers Basketball team as a redshirt senior. Last season, there were moments where Memphis fans caught a glimpse of the raw talent that many thought DeAndre Williams could be under the right coach. Now that Head Coach Penny Hardaway went out and brought an NBA All-Star in Rasheed Wallace to solely focus on the development of guys like DeAndre Williams and Malcolm Dandridge.

Photo Credits: Bleacher Report

Lastly, what will the impact of adding Larry Brown to the coaching staff look like for Penny Hardaway and the Memphis Tigers? It will be next to impossible to tell the difference on Wednesday night without a live in-game competition, but Memphis fans with even the smallest of basketball knowledge will likely see a team on the floor on Wednesday night that will look vastly improved than any Memphis Basketball team under Head Coach Penny Hardaway.

Photo Credits: SMU Basketball

Overall, Memphis Madness is about the flash instead of the actual basketball itself, but Memphis fans will still get an exciting look at the 2021-2022 Memphis Tigers Basketball program.

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