The Kentucky Wildcats are primed and ready for the big stage on Saturday

Who in their right mind would have ever imagined that as we approach week seven of the 2021 College Football that we would be sitting here talking about an undefeated Kentucky football heading into a matchup with Georgia with a spot in the SEC Championship on the line? I mean, not one person other than Mark Stoops himself would have even mentioned Kentucky in the same sentence as the SEC Championship. If you did, then you might have been considered crazy it’s something that hasn’t happened since the modern age of the SEC Football Championship. The last time Kentucky was even close to winning the SEC Championship was under Bear Bryant in 1950.

Photo Credits: Kentucky Football

For Head Coach Mark Stoops and his Kentucky Wildcats. Saturday’s matchup with Georgia is about much more than beating the number one team in the country. It’s about showing the rest of the College Football world exactly who Kentucky Football truly is. Over the last three seasons, Kentucky has defeated the likeness of LSU, Florida, Tennessee, and even Penn State, all of which have given Kentucky nightmares for generations on generations. That one missing piece in the link has been a win over Georgia. The Wildcats have been close but no cigar.

On paper, Kentucky has no chance whatsoever to hang within a few touchdowns of Georgia, but don’t tell that to Mark Stoops and this Kentucky team. For the first time since Coach Stoops came to Lexington, both Kentucky players and the entire fan base truly believe they can go into Athens, Georgia, and at least go all twelve rounds with the mighty Georgia Bulldogs. It won’t be easy, but if there ever was a Kentucky team that would do it, it would be this team. There has never been a better Kentucky football team that will take the field tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football

Truthfully, it would be good for College Football as a whole to have a changing of the guard. It would close the gap between the elite and the programs that have been close but have never been able to push through.

For all of this to happen, Kentucky has got to play with house money tomorrow and leave everything they have on the field. Tomorrow’s matchup will likely be settled in the final round by the team that can manage to deliver the final crushing blow to the opposition. It won’t be easy, but the path to victory is there for Kentucky and Head Coach Mark Stoops.

Photo Credits: Kentucky Football

All the action in Athens will get underway on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 central time and will go down on CBS.

Buckle up College Football fans, a trip to Atlanta will be decided when the final play clock hits zero.

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