An inside look at game days on the West End of Nashville

Not far from the echos of Broadway Street, nestled on the West End of Nashville, you’ll find the lovely campus of Vanderbilt. Now, before you attack Vanderbilt for having a terrible Football program or having athletic facilities that rival those in the IVY League, let’s talk about the overall experience of Vandyville.

To preference this, a Football game day at Vandy is like nowhere else in the Southeastern Conference. That’s not a knock on Vanderbilt. It’s just a different feel than your typical SEC Football Saturday afternoon.

Photo Credits: Vanderbilt Athletics

For starters, unless you have a parking pass in one of the few tailgating areas around the stadium, then your pregame rituals will likely include heading across the street to one of many dive bars that line the West End of Nashville. I would recommend a place by the name of ” The Local,” which you can find right behind Newk’s across the street from Vanderbilt stadium. Like many other Nashville bars, The Local is an original dive bar where strangers become best friends over conversations about Football, cheap drinks, and mouth-watering bar food.

I get it! Heading to a dive bar on game day isn’t exactly the most Southern thing to do, but doing it once a year when your team travels to the West End to take on Vanderbilt isn’t all that bad. You never know who you’ll meet or the sheer fun that you’ll have pregaming for your team to take on Vanderbilt. But you know, we’re all southern, and dive bars are in our blood, much like our love for SEC Football. So why not pack your bags and make your way to the West End for a game day before heading to Vanderbilt Stadium to cheer on your team.

Photo Credits:

Now, as you get done eating your heart out and enjoying the abundance of drink specials, you’ll find yourself fully prepared to take on a Vanderbilt Football game at Vanderbilt Stadium. Not because it’s unenjoyable, but to fully appreciate the environment. For years, Vanderbilt has been the laughing stock of the Southeastern Conference, but Vanderbilt Football is something that every SEC Fan should experience. Vanderbilt fans will openly tell you, don’t expect much, but expect to have a dang good time with your fan base and the few die-hard Commodore fans that frequent Vanderbilt Stadium.

Photo Credits: Vanderbilt Football

You see, despite being one of the worst programs in the Southeastern Conference, Vanderbilt is just like us. Game days on the West End don’t have the familiar feel of a typical Game Day in the South, but it’s a special place. It’s a place that has its proud traditions and that openly accepts opposing fans from across the South to party in Vandyville. Vanderbilt might not have the nicest facilities or the greatest of teams, but I guarantee if you were to visit the West End of Nashville, you wouldn’t regret it.

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