Georgia Football is everything Southern football is all about

You know, every blue moon, you have a College Football team that will come along that will make some folks jealous, but a majority will slip into the spell of loving said team as their own. In 2019, it was the LSU Tigers led by Joe Burrow. Fast forward to 2021, and it’s Kirby Smart and his group of Georgia Bulldogs who have fully won over the love of College Football fans from around the world. Like that 2019 LSU Tigers team, Georgia seems to be the team of destiny. No matter who the opponent has been, Georgia has dominated them and has left no doubt what’s so ever.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football

In all honesty, a lot of College Football teams are likable, but it’s so rare to find a team like the 2021 Georgia Football who has a downright lovable team. Even when they’re curb-stomping your respected College Football team into the ground, you can’t help but humbly admit the respect you have for what this program has turned into since the hiring of Head Coach Kirby Smart.

If you wanted to be completely honest with yourself, as College Football fans, Georgia is everything this season that College Football has ever stood for over the test of time. What you have with this program this season is something remarkable and is extremely deserving of the praise and respect that is following suit.

For Georgia, all the success starts at the very top of the program with Head Coach Kirby Smart, whose patience and hard work have awoken a sleeping giant in the Georgia Bulldogs.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football

If we’re being honest with each other, the 2021 Georgia Bulldogs football team represents everything that makes Southern College Football all that much better than anything from above of the Mason-Dixon Line; there’s just no more room for discussion. For years, folks around the College Football world would try to discredit the success of teams like Alabama, Florida, or even Auburn when they won their national championship with Cam Newton, but no more. Yet again, there’s a new sheriff in town to compete with, and the Georgia Bulldogs aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, might as well get used to it.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football

Bottom line, love them or hate them, the 2021 Georgia Bulldogs are likely to go down in the history books as one of the greatest College Football teams to ever play the game. That alone should send chills bumps down the spine of even the most novice of College Football fans, in 2019 with LSU, we got very well be witnessing history unfold in front of our eyes as the final weeks of the 2021 College Football season come to an end.

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