It’s time for Memphis Basketball to do a little soul searching after a second straight loss

For the Memphis Tigers Basketball program, the 2021-2022 season was supposed to be the year where Coach Hardaway and the entire fan base were finally able to enjoy a talented team that has the potential to be in contention for a National Championship. However, two losses later to far less superior talent have this Memphis team up against the wall.

MEMPHIS, TN – February 6, 2021

Sure, the last week or so for the Tigers has been less than ideal, but all hope is still not lost on this team. With that being said, as the Tigers prepare to head to Oxford, Mississippi on Saturday, Penny Hardaway and his team have got to have a sit down come to Jesus meeting over the next few days to find the inner soul of this program. At this point in the season, the season is far from over; it’s only December.

When you watch this Memphis team so far this season, you’ll notice the lack of discipline this team has. Following the loss to Georgia on Wednesday night, Head Coach Penny Hardaway eluded to there being some kind of me first turmoil in the locker room during his postgame interview with Dave Woloshin.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

” There aren’t enough guys in that locker room who care about winning unless they are the ones that are helping us win. It’s not a team. That’s the danger of having a lot of talent. The talent has to want to play together, and right now, the talent does not want to play together. “

That quote alone from Head Coach Penny Hardaway tells the story of exactly where this team is on December 1st. Being undisciplined is something that can be fixed though, the players have got to want it, however. That type of chance doesn’t just happen because Coach Hardaway wants it to; it starts and ends with the guys who step onto the court every day. To reach their full potential this season, Memphis has got to take the next few days to dive deep into the soul of this team. If the guys on the roster want to sit around and feel sorry for themselves because of the back-to-back losses, then this season will be a bust. But, if the guys that put on that Memphis blue daily decide they want to start playing as a team, then the 2021-2022 Memphis Basketball has the potential to win a National Championship.

Photo Credits: Commercial Appeal

You see, College Basketball is a marathon, not a sprint. It might seem bleak right now for Penny Hardaway and his Memphis Tigers, but I would hate to play this team come February and March. Despite the way it feels, this season is far from over. This team just has to find the soul and heartbeat before reaching the full championship caliber that all of us expect from this talented team.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

Memphis and Ole Miss will tip-off on Saturday morning at 11:00 A: M in Oxford, Mississippi.

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