The SEC Football off-season is delivering to a high level never seen before

Deep in the heart of Dixie, in SEC country, no matter the time of the year, it’s football season. On February 2nd, fourteen programs found themselves waiting on the fountain of youth to deliver once more a championship-caliber group of men to a southern campus across the SEC. However, every off-season brings the same excitement with the coaches as talking season comes centerstage with off-the-field drama amongst the coaches and fan bases.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Football

From the dawn of time, the conversation begins with a fan base and their coach accusing another one of cheating and bending the rules to fit their schools’ agenda. In the day and age of social media, Head Coaches have more of a voice giving their fan bases an unlimited amount of access to the programs they love.

We saw the fruits of that today when frustration got the better of an SEC coach in College Station after the accusations of gigantic NIL deals being offered at Texas A&M, which may or may not be true nobody will ever know, I mean, it’s a tale as old as time. Rival schools and coaches have always tried to light a fire with their rivals just to give more fuel to an already raging fire that has been ablaze for over one hundred years.

Photo Credits: Texas A&M Football

Some folks around the sport have said that the off-season talking season has gone way overboard, but then again, those folks are the same talking heads that fought so hard to cancel College Football seasons in the name of the pandemic, so then again, their argument is voided and irrelevant.

In all honesty, rants like the one seen on Wednesday by Jimbo Fisher are good for College Football. A healthy amount of passion and calling out rivals is what makes College Football so great. The off-season has and will always be for the talking and the building of dynasties in front of a microphone leading to an electric College Football season in the fall.

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