A rivalry renewed, top ranked Ole Miss gets ready to battle Memphis

There’s a new spring feeling in the air, and as a new day turns over, it’s time for the annual renewal of the rivalry between Memphis and Ole Miss baseball. As tradition states, Ole Miss will travel to Memphis on Tuesday night as the top-ranked team in the country for a matchup at AutoZone Park with the Tigers.

Photo Credits: Memphis Baseball

Tuesday night is the Opening Act of a two-day series where both Ole Miss and Memphis will travel to their respected towns to take on each other for years worth of bragging rights. Game two of the series will take place on Wednesday night at Swayze Field in Oxford, Mississippi.

Both the Tigers and Rebels come into the two-day series with a lot on the line and a lot to continue to prove, which sets up an incredible two-day baseball rivalry for College Baseball fans in the region.

For Memphis, this two-day series with Ole Miss is a rare chance for the Tigers to show their 12-5 record is no fluke and will prove to the rest of the College Baseball world that Coach Rock and his Memphis Tigers are legitimate NCAA Tournament contenders. Sure, Memphis hasn’t beaten the quality of opponents that their counterparts at Ole Miss have, but the Tigers are still 12-5, and they have a solid lineup who is well aware of what’s at stake. Even a split with Ole Miss this week will provide a unique opportunity for the Tigers to continue marching towards an NCAA Tournament in the last year of Coach Rock.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

Tuesday night is a big enough matchup for the Tigers that Coach Rock and his staff will likely tout the talented David Warren out to the mound to take on the Ole Miss Rebels.

For Ole Miss, the Rebels come into the two-game set with Memphis as the top-ranked College Baseball team in the country. The two-game Memphis series is just the start of a crazy week for Mike Bianco and his Rebels as Ole Miss prepares to host the second-best team in the country from Knoxville, the Tennessee Volunteers, this weekend at Swayze Field.

Ole Miss comes into the mid-week series with Memphis looking to continue their winning streak over the Tigers, who have not beaten Ole Miss since the 2017 season.

Ole Miss will pitch Jack Washburn out on Tuesday night, with Drew Mcdaniel getting the nod on Wednesday night in Oxford. Both Washburn and McDaniels have been effective all season for the Rebels in their mid-week sets.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

Ole Miss and Memphis will get underway on Tuesday night at AutoZone Park in Downtown Memphis with the first-pitch time of 6:00.

Wednesday night’s Ole Miss and Memphis at Swayze Field will get underway at 6:30 and will be televised on the SEC Network Plus.

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