Hate them all you want, but Tennessee Baseball is what the future of College Baseball looks like

People have called him blunt, bad for baseball, out of control, but Tennessee Head Baseball Coach Tony Vitello doesn’t give a damn about your opinion or how much you hate his team. Vitello is a proven winner who has all the pieces to win a National Championship for the entire state of Tennessee.

Some folks around College Baseball hate Tony Vitello for his attitude and the stance toward the traditional powers of College Baseball. Yet, for a vast majority of the people, Tony Vitello is a hero. Coach Vitello has come into the job at Tennessee, challenged the system, and paved a new way of thinking for an entire generation to come.

Photo Credits: Tennessee Baseball

On Wednesday alone, Coach Vitello made his rounds around the Tennessee campus, raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project by offering $2 chest bumps to students. This was also a direct shot at the umpire crew over the weekend, who threw Coach Vitello out of the game against Alabama, which caused Coach Vitello to miss six games this week.

As their coach, Tennessee Baseball has adopted the brash, almost villain-like mentality to the game of College Baseball. From their fur home runs coats to their pink daddy hats, Tennesee has turned their program into the most hated College Baseball program in the history of College Baseball. It’s unconventional, but it works and fits Tennessee perfectly. Tennessee has a state has never given a damn about what others think about them, so why should their Baseball team?

The Tennessee bench celebrates and gives Tennessee’s Jake Rucker (7) the “Daddy” hat during game two of the Knoxville Super Regional between the Tennessee Volunteers and the LSU Tigers held at Lindsey Nelson Stadium on Sunday, June 13, 2021. Kns Ut Vs Lsu Baseball Supers Bp

As a society, have we become so uptight that any ounce of outlandish behavior is unacceptable by the masses? All of that is minor in comparison to what the real problems of College Baseball are. In a sport where assistant coaches are paid properly for their work or scholarships are reduced just because, or money fairly brought in is withheld from College Baseball programs at all levels, having a Tennesee Baseball is good for the sport.

Love it or hate it, Tennessee Baseball with Coach Vitello is here to stay, and the Volunteers are the favorites to win a National Championship this season.

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