Marshall Football, adapting for a future filled with Championships

In the world of massive NIL deals and the transfer portal, College Athletics as we once knew it is long gone. Long gone are the days when the NCAA would take advantage of innocent student-athletes who had no say in any compensation for their hard work for the respected schools of their choosing. Some programs have adapted, and some programs have died.

Photo Credits: Marshall Football

For a second-year Head Coach at Marshall, adapting is the only way forward for him and his program.

In a conversation with The Mitch Davis Show podcast, Head Coach Charles Huff fielded the question from Host Mitch Davis about the impact that NIL and the transfer portal had on his program. Coach Huff mentioned, ” Adapt or die,” the more time spent complaining about the uncontrollable; is less time spent on building his program into the next generation of Marshall greatness.

Last season, in his first season as Head Coach, Charles Huff led the Thundering Herd to a 7-6 record. Despite the jump to the Sun Belt Conference, the energy around the Marshall Football program is unmatched. Coach Huff is molding his team for a Championship level program at Marshall.

Photo credits: Marshall Football

Coach Huff openly talks about the struggles his Marshall football program face as the Thundering Herd builds for the future. However, Coach Huff refuses to use that as an excuse as his program obtains valuable resources that will help turn Marshall Football into the program of championships.

Heading into the future of Marshall Football, College Football will likely spend a lot of time gathered around hearing the name of Marshall Football. There are a lot of great coaches in College Football, but none seem to be as dedicated as Coach Huff is to restoring Marshall Football to its previous glory. With the right amount of time and a continued mindset of adapting and doing things the right way, Marshall Football will reach new heights that many thought impossible.

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