From underdogs to the College World Series, a Cinderella story of the 2022 Ole Miss Rebels

Left for dead 37 days ago, the Ole Miss Rebels have defined all the odds and have found a way to the College World Series. Ole Miss was the last team in. They weren’t even supposed to be in the 2022 NCAA Tournament, yet, the Rebels have found lightning in a bottle and have earned their first trip to the College World Series since 2014. What Ole Miss and their Head Coach Mike Bianco were able to do over the last two weeks will forever go down in the folklore of Ole Miss Baseball as the most memorable runs in program history.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

To put things into perspective, folks around Oxford had started the outlandish conversation about firing Mike Bianco after the Rebels had struggled mightily in April after getting swept by the Tennessee Volunteers during the last weekend of March. Yet, none of that mattered to Coach Bianco and his Ole Miss Rebels. They kept battling, and now the Rebels are heading to Omaha to compete in the College World Series.

So, how did Ole Miss do it?

Honestly, Ole Miss never quit. They ran through the Regional round in Coral Gables before getting to Southern Miss and dominating the Golden Eagles in two games to none.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

Over the last two weeks, Ole Miss has taken shape as the team that we all expected to be since day one. From pitching to the hitting, Ole Miss has shell-shocked their opponents in the NCAA Tournament. Out of the teams remaining in the Tournament, Ole Miss is playing with house money right now and could easily make a run in Omaha to bring a National Championship trophy home to Oxford.

Around the program, Ole Miss guys have embraced its role as the cinderella story of the NCAA Tournament.

You also can’t help but be excited for a guy like Tim Elko. There is not another player in College Baseball more deserving of this moment than Tim Elko. Last season, Elko battled back into the lineup after tearing his ACL last season. No matter what happens next week at the College World Series, Tim Elko will forever be the hero of the Rebel Nation.

Former Mississippi State standout Tanner Allen tweeted about Tim Elko following the Ole Miss win on Sunday night.

Overall, Ole Miss earning their bid to the College World Series is magical; there’s no other way to put it. What Head Coach Mike Bianco has done to this point with his Rebels will go down as one of the greatest turnarounds in College Baseball Baseball history. He got his team to believe in something bigger than themselves, and now the Rebels are heading to the College World Series to compete for a National Championship.

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