Making the case for the University Of Memphis to earn a bid to the ACC

With the news last week that USC and UCLA would be leaving the Pac 12 to join the ranks of the Big 10. Folks around the University of Memphis started the conversation about what’s next for the School; would the Tigers be left out once again, or would Memphis finally get their shot at competing in a higher conference.

Honestly, at this point, the University Of Memphis is in the best place it’s been in the history of the School. However, it might not be enough once again for the Tigers. But, as a whole, Memphis has made vast improvements across the board, from renovations to the Liberty Bowl, turning the University into a research institution, and even pouring money into Olympic sports such as Baseball and Softball.

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

From an objective standpoint, what these Conferences are looking for when they expand is what schools could bring the most money in both lucrative TV deals and schools that will fit the mold of that Conference in the best way imaginable.

For Memphis, that perfect fit for them could come in the way of the ACC Conference. Once upon a time, Memphis was a proud member of the Metro Conference with the likeness of Louisville, Florida State, Boston College, Miami, and Syracuse. Memphis had many magical memories with those opponents, and a reunion in the ACC would make the most sense for both the Tigers and the ACC.

Memphis to the ACC would also add an extra spice to College Athletics. With Memphis and Louisville rejoining at the hip in the ACC Conference, it would provide a unique opportunity for all College Athletics to enjoy one of the best rivalries in the history of the Mid-South.

However, a heated rivalry with the Louisville Cardinals isn’t enough to push Memphis past that goal line to earn a bid to the ACC. Yet, the Tigers will be in consideration for the invite because of the vast improvements made to the entire department over the last ten years.

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

Overall, Memphis will have to sweat it out, but in the end, the Tigers and their passionate fanbase will likely get their wish to join the ACC. When that time comes, it won’t be an easy process, but the Tigers will have their shot to prove they belong at the seat of the elite.

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