Commissioner Sankey sends a loud message to the rest of the College Football world, WE ARE A SUPER-CONFERENCE

Day one of SEC Media Days delivered the fireworks that all of us had expected to come from the annual talking season of the Southeastern Conference.

In the Opening Act of the 2022 SEC Media Days, Southeastern Conference Commissioner Greg Sankey took a shot across the bow of the College Football mega ship with a comment that would send shockwaves throughout the entire sport. When asked about NIL and super conferences, Sankey delivered the quote of the day by saying, ” I think we, the Southeastern Conference, were a superconference before name, image, and likeness. In fact, I provided that clever answer a few times over the last seven or eight years.”

No doubt Sankey in his comments, was using them as a warning to the rest of the College Football world that the SEC was and will always be the needle that moves the mountains of the sport. No other conference in the history of the NCAA has ever dominated the way that the Southeastern Conference has done. Sankey was putting the stake into the heart of those dreams that anybody could bully the Southeastern Conference into something they didn’t control or want to do.

That’s the thing, folks outside of the Southeast think the SEC and the fans that represent it are uneducated and unworthy of having a voice. Yet, as Sankey pointed out, the Southeastern Conference runs College Athletics. In 2021-2022 alone, the SEC won the Football, Women’s Basketball, and College Baseball National Championships.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football

Yet, for some, the SEC is nothing but the Big 10s shadow. However, the Southeastern Conference has the most influential say in the history of the NCAA. We saw it in the leadership of Greg Sankey when Covid hit, and we see it now with the expansion. The Southeastern Conference, under the guidance of Commissioner Sankey, will continue to distance itself from the rest of the pack. Rest assured that despite not having a sense of urgency in adding a few more teams, Sankey will lead the Southeastern Conference to the Holy Land of College Athletics.

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