Head Coach Bryan Harsin and his Auburn Tigers are ready to bury the off-season drama to focus on a Championship future

In the opening press conference of the final day of the 2022 SEC Media Days, Bryan Harsin took to the podium to present a poised program after an off-season of turmoil. In the off-season, Harsin was the victim of a vicious attack by the Auburn boosters; in that attack, they accused Harsin of having an affair with his Football Operations person. The accusations turned out to be a false narrative filled with slander on Harsin to use a coup to overthrow the Coach to replace him with an Auburn man.

In his opening statement on Thursday, Harsin put to bed the nasty slandering attempt by addressing the elephant in the room by saying.

Photo Credits: Auburn Football

” Going back to what happened back in February, what I’m going to do now is address it. Moving forward, that will be the last time I talk about this subject. There was an inquiry. It was uncomfortable. It was unfounded. It presented an opportunity for people to personally attack me, my family, and also our program. And it didn’t work. Right now our focus is on moving forward. What came out of that inquiry were a lot of positives. There was a silver lining in all of this. What I saw from our players and our coaches was leadership opportunities for them to step up, which is exactly what they did. You got a chance to see guys provide leadership. You got a chance to see coaches provide leadership.
What it did is it united our football team, our players, our staff, and our football team. I’m proud of our guys. I’m proud of what something like that that could be challenging for a lot of people, how our guys stepped up and handled it. We had coaches and players that could have gone to different places and avoided all the adversity and challenges. They didn’t could that. They’re here working extremely hard. They’re doing a fantastic job, in my opinion, getting themselves ready to go for this season. That will be the last I talk about that. There are plenty of interviews on it. If you want any more information on it, go Google it.”

Coach Harsin is a man of character who helped turn Boise State into the program they are today. Harsin is a good man with a ridiculous ability to coach the game of College Football. Given the amount of time he deserves, Harsin will likely turn Auburn Football back into one of the elite programs in the Conference. What happened in the off-season with the boosters at Auburn is now water under the bridge. Coach Harsin and his Auburn Tigers are ready for a big season on the plains. Not a person in the College Football world is predicting Auburn to do much this season, but adversity brings greatness. If there’s a Coach in the country; that can overcome the odds, it’s Coach Bryan Harsin of the Auburn Tigers.

Say what you want about the program, but Harsin will have his Auburn men ready for the fight this season and in the opener against Mercer.

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