Memphis Tigers Football preview with Coach Charles Clark

Year three of the Ryan Silverfield era is upon the University Of Memphis Football program, and expectations have reached an all-time high for the Tigers as fans across the 901 expect to see Memphis Football return to winning an AAC Championship. Although not impossible, Memphis Football has reached a crossroads as they anxiously await their season opener against Mississippi State.

Heading into the 2022 season, Memphis has profound potential to compete for the AAC Championship this season. A lack of consistency over the last two years has Tiger Nation asking questions that are fair to ask of the current staff. Can Memphis continue building a program for the future, or will the Tigers take a step back this season and struggle to make a bowl game?

Head Coach Ryan Silverfield- Memphis Football

In conversation with Coach Charles Clark of the Memphis Tigers, A sense of excitement and optimism for the upcoming 2022 season came from the depths of the Memphis Football program. Memphis has the potential to be great this season, with Seth Henigan leading the charge for the Tigers on the offensive side of the ball, much like Brady White did before him at the University of Memphis.

Speaking of Seth Henigan, the Tigers quarterback has had an incredible off-season of development that has led many around the Memphis Football program to believe that better days are in front of this program.

Memphis Football

Elsewhere around the Memphis offensive unit, the Tigers have a playmaker in Javon Ivory. In conversation with the coaching staff, Ivory is expected to be the go-to weapon for Seth Henigan to rely on in the 2022 season. During the off-season, Ivory has gotten bigger and stronger, setting up for a breakout season in 2022.

Rodney Owens – Memphis Football

On the defensive unit, Memphis returns four starters from last season. Out of those four guys, Quindell Johnson and Rodney Owens have made impressive developments this off-season setting up for a 2022 season where the Tigers have strong defensive secondary units that rival many in the AAC. Greg Rubin has well is another guy that Memphis fans will get used to hearing in the upcoming season. Rubin has hit the weights during the off-season and, like Ivory on the offensive side of the ball, has gotten bigger and faster heading into the 2022 season and beyond.

Here’s the deal, heading into the 2022 Memphis Football season, the Tigers, according to the coaching staff, have bought into the mindset of being ALL-IN for the 901. Head Coach Ryan Silverfield and his program have their sights set on a future of Championships and celebrations for the city of Memphis.

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