Soak it up and enjoy the moment, College Football is BACK!

You can feel it in the air; you can smell it, and after a 229-day wait College Football is back! Like a long-lost friend you haven’t seen in a while, the arrival of College Football season brings a sense of renewal to the United States Of America. There’s nothing like it. College Football is back, and this 2022 season feels different from the rest. Not sure what it is or why, but it feels right. For millions of Americans, this time of year is an escape from the everyday problems that many of us face in our personal life. For generations, College Football has always had an uncanny way of bringing people together under one spectrum, with the common denominator being their love for their respected College Football program. In a time of great divide, College Football returns to work its time-old magic of mending broken fence posts.

Stetson Bennet – UGA Football

As another College Football is upon us, that is no different. Everywhere you turn in this beautiful country, Americans have gathered to talk about their favorite College Football team. College Football is the one game that doesn’t matter if you’re poor or; if you come from a lot of money, College Football brings us together like no other sport in the world does. College Football doesn’t sit there and judge you for the color of your skin. On Saturdays across the country, you will find blacks and whites hugging, cheering, and celebrating life as one. You will find a pastor and an atheist sitting next to each other, reliving the glory days of yesteryear.

Like your long-lost friend, College Football season has always provided comfort and a cushion for those of us who invest so much into these programs. College Football is one of those larger-than-life deals where the generational bonds to the sport are deeper than any holler in the United States.

Sure, programs change like the wind, but the roots that tie us all together as never do.

In honor of the new season, raise your glass to another season of College Football. There’s nothing that can compare to the game of College Football.

Enjoy it. We have made it to the 2022 College Football season!

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