What’s next for the Memphis Football program as they get ready to travel to Tulane

Saturday night was another embarrassing night for Memphis Football as the Tigers gave up another double-digit lead to head back to the 901 with another loss. Memphis Football has reached a breaking point with its program. On one side, a few prolific Memphis boosters love Coach Silverfield as a man, and they feel like, given ample time could return the program to the levels of the Cotton Bowl and beyond. However, Memphis Football has lost two straight games; the Tigers had double-digit leads but gave them away by playing conservatively and not playing to win the game. With that comes the question of what’s next for Coach Silverfield and the Memphis Tigers Football program. Where do the Tigers go from here, and can the team still salvage a successful season?

Memphis Football

On a positive note, Memphis has shown signs of vast improvements over their opponents by winning a quarter of the game. Memphis has the potential on its roster to be a good football team. Proof of that is in the pudding. Memphis has shown lights at the end of the tunnel. Memphis fans recognize that the team has the potential to be a great football team. Finish the game, and Memphis could be approaching the rest of the season with optimism.

On the negative, Memphis has been embarrassingly bad at finishing football games this season. In the last two games, Memphis has managed to squander away two conference wins that could have placed the Tigers in contention for an AAC Championship bid. With the amount of talent on the roster, there’s no reasonable excuse that will remotely sit well with the fan base.

Memphis Football

Time for excuses is no more; figure it out or risk losing the fan base. Memphis faces a crucial must-win situation on Saturday as they travel to New Orleans to take on the Tulane Green Wave at Yulman Stadium. A win on Saturday and anticipation for the November 5th matchup against UCF will once again spark interest across the 901 and could very well save the job of Coach Silverfield. A loss to Tulane would pour gasoline on the already out-of-control fire surrounding the Memphis Football program.

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