What does having Coach Freeze back in the SEC mean for everyone else?

Tuesday was a joyous day on the plains of Auburn as the Tigers welcomed Hugh Freeze to the program as the Head Coach. In his introductory press conference, Coach Freeze talked about the Iron Bowl, Auburn being his dream job, and returning the program atop the college football mountaintop.

Coach Freeze took his former program at Ole Miss to heights and never returned; he has a history of beating Alabama and dominating the recruiting trail. Despite pushback from the woke, Auburn has their Head Coach, and the Tigers are ready for an exciting future filled with championships and celebrations. Coach Freeze has won everywhere he has been, in the high school ranks, NAIA, and Division One. Yet, Coach Freeze has never had the resources he has at Auburn. At his disposal, Freeze has an unlimited football budget, boosters who invest in the program, large NIL collectives, and state-of-the-art football-only facilities that lure top-notch talent to the campus.

So, what about the rest of the Southeastern Conference? What impact does the hiring of Hugh Freeze have on everybody not named Auburn? Honestly, expect to see Coach Freeze return Auburn to glory by beating your programs in all aspects of the game. Just look at his past stop at Ole Miss; Coach Freeze took a program with a history of mediocracy and turned into a National Championship contender within a couple of years. Freeze didn’t have the resources at his disposal as he will at Auburn. Coach Freeze also is taking over a program that has players in place with talent; they didn’t have the right fit to lead the program. With the addition of Coach Freeze to the SEC West, that division has seven of the best coaches in all college football. Coach Freeze adds depth to an already ridiculous division in college football.

Rumor has it Coach Freeze has already hit the recruiting trail in his two days as Auburn’s Head Coach. His players love him; they compete for him and have a history of getting the most out of his teams. Everywhere he has been, he’s won. State Championships, beating Alabama in back-to-back seasons, multiple bowl games, and the list could go on for miles. Coach Freeze realizes what’s in front of him at Auburn. He made the right decision in keeping Cadillac Williams on staff, Freeze has been in this conference before, and he knows what it takes to win a championship in the Southeastern Conference.

Sure, there’s some backlash surrounding the hiring of Coach Freeze, but Freeze has paid his dues in full and now deserves everything that will come to him at Auburn. Second chances are earned, Auburn went through the entire process the right way, and now Coach Freeze has an opportunity of a lifetime to lead the Auburn Tigers as their Head Coach. Everybody deserves a second chance; Coach Freeze is no exception. Freeze paid his dues in full. Now the time has come for Hugh to return to the SEC to cement his legacy as a legendary college football coach.

Auburn fans, enjoy the ride. Joyous times are ahead for the Auburn Football program.

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