Gut check time: Kentucky and Iowa prepare for a physical matchup in the 2022 TransPerfect Music City Bowl

Heading into the 2022 Transperfect Music City Bowl matchup between the Kentucky Wildcats and Iowa Hawkeyes, folks around the college football can feel the excitement people have for this game. There is no question that Saturday’s game between the two will be one of the most physical matchups of the bowl season. Kentucky and Iowa alike are without starting members of their offensive units. Experts expect a low-scoring affair on Saturday at Nissan Stadium between Kentucky and Iowa. According to oddsmakers in Las Vegas, the under for the Music City Bowl is at 31 points. For those who don’t understand gambling, that means they don’t expect to have Kentucky or Iowa score above 31 combined points. It won’t be a pretty game, but college football is a physical game not made for the faint of hearts.

Kentucky Head Coach Mark Stoops was asked about the physical nature of the game and how big of a role he expects the Kentucky offensive line unit to play on Saturday.

” Definitely something that, no question, will be a point of emphasis for us because you know how stout, you know how physical Iowa is. This year maybe we hadn’t been as physical or as consistent as we’ve been in the last three, four, five years. It’s an area where we must step up. We have to.
We have to play well in that area, or it won’t lead to too much success, so we better play good in the trenches. I have confidence in our guys. I feel like we’re healthy. They’ve worked hard. We’ve tried to make sure we put them in a position to be successful, simplify some things, and make sure we don’t beat ourselves, number one.
When you’re playing a team like this, expect somewhat of a defensive game, you better be making sure you’re putting your guys in a position, not going backward in turnovers and sacks and things of that nature.”

In the same press conference, Iowa Head Coach Kirk Ferentz was asked a similar question regarding his offensive line and how he expects them to react to the challenge presented by Kentucky on Saturday.

” Right. As you know, that’s critical for us. It’s been a process. It’s been a process for the last two years. I thought we grew last year as the season went on. I think one of our best games probably was, at the end, our last contest. We’re hoping that happens tomorrow.
I mentioned the whole team I think, has really practiced pretty well this entire block, the last three-plus weeks. The offensive line, in particular, you just see them being a little bit more cohesive, a little bit more definitive with their actions, decisions, those types of things. That is encouraging.
You can only do so much sitting in a chair, watching films, and having meetings; you have to get out and do things and practice your techniques.
Really pleased. From left to right, all the guys have taken steps. Some of the younger kids are coming along, too.
Hopefully won’t have to dip too deep tomorrow.”

As stated on The Mitch Davis Show, Music City Bowl preview podcast, Saturday’s matchup between Iowa and Kentucky will be decided in the trenches. Not sure who has the advantage, but the matchup will deliver college football fans; one of the best bowl games this season.

Saturday’s Transperfect Music City Bowl will kick off at 11:00 with a national television audience on ABC.

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