Taking a look at Wednesday night of the 2023 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament

The 2023 SEC Men’s Basketball Tournament will get underway on Wednesday night as the conference prepares to have two games at Bridgestone Arena as the tip-off to an exciting weekend of SEC Basketball. There isn’t much excitement for the Wednesday slate of hoops. However, for the hardcore SEC fans, Wednesday night is the opening ceremony into the best five days of Southeastern Conference Basketball that one could offer. Wednesday night is the appetizer for those who take a vacation to Nashville, Tennessee, for the main courses to follow.

In the first game on Wednesday night of the 2023 Southeastern Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament, we will see Ole Miss take on South Carolina. With a combined seven conference wins between the two, fans in attendance at Bridgestone Arena will be entertained by two programs looking to gain a smidgen of momentum as they prepare to enter the 2023-2024 season. Ole Miss and South Carolina played twice this season, with the Gamecocks and Ole Miss tied at a game apiece. Wednesday night will provide both the Gamecocks and Rebels with an opportunity to take the series advantage this season. One thing to watch for will be the interest sparked by the Ole Miss Rebels and who they will hire as the next Head Coach of the Rebels. Ole Miss fired former Head Coach Kermit Davis on February 24th. Rumors have swirled, but expect the coaching vacancy to be filled this week while Ole Miss is in Nashville for the Wednesday night showdown with South Carolina. Winner of the Ole Miss and South Carolina will get a date with the Tennessee Volunteers on Thursday afternoon at Bridgestone Arena.

Following the Ole Miss and South Carolina game with a tip nearing 8:30 CT, Southeastern Conference Basketball fans will have the opportunity to watch Head Coach Mike White and his Georgia Bulldogs take on the LSU Tigers. LSU and Georgia last met on Valentine’s Day on February 14th. In that first meeting between the two, Georgia eeked out a thrilling 65-63 win over the Tigers in Athens, Georgia. For the LSU Tigers, 2023 has been a disappointing year as Head Coach Matt Mchaon took the LSU job after leaving Murray State. LSU has struggled to put the Will Wade debacle past them this season, and with that, the LSU Tigers finished Southeastern Conference play with two wins. For LSU fans, there hasn’t been a lot to be excited about this season. However, a win over Georgia and the LSU Tigers could have something to hold on to head into the off-season. LSU and or Georgia will play on Thursday against the Vanderbilt Commodores.

Overall, Wednesday night at the 2023 Southeastern Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament has the potential to produce fans with two great games. If you’re one of those four programs, a win on Wednesday night means you’re still playing basketball in 2023 by surviving and advancing.

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