Promise kept! Head Coach Kim Mulkey delivered LSU and her home state with a Championship

Not many coaches can say in two seasons at the helm that they have led their program to a National Championship. For Head Coach Kim Mulkey, a promise was made to LSU that she would provide the Tiger faithful with National Championships and would no longer be satisfied with Final Four appearances; National Championships would be the standard by which LSU Women’s Basketball would follow. Coach Mulkey knew that winning an NCAA Championship would not be an easy feat, but in two seasons, Head Coach Kim Mulkey has delivered on her promise, and to be frank, Mulkey is only beginning.

From a personal backing, for the first time in recent memory, Head Coach Kim Mulkey and her LSU Tigers have Women’s Basketball in the spotlight 24 hours after the final buzzer. For reference, Monday night, college basketball fans will watch UConn and San Diego State play in the 2023 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament in Houston, Texas, but that is far from the biggest storyline in college basketball. People from all walks of life are talking about Kim Mulkey and her team and what they were able to do on Sunday in the Women’s National Championship. Sure, some of the comments are negative; but it still doesn’t take away from the point that Kim Mulkey and her LSU Tigers are at the center of the basketball world.

Some might not like her style, but what Kim Mulkey has done for modern women’s college basketball is hard to describe. As those final seconds ticked off the clock for Head Coach Kim Mulkey, the realization that she had led her LSU Tigers to a National Championship for her home state Emotions were evident, and the celebrations had just begun. Coach Mulkey will forever be known as an LSU legend from Tickfaw, Louisiana.

Even during her time at Baylor, Head Coach Kim Mulkey had always been a girl who loved her home state of Louisiana. Mulkey did something at LSU that no other basketball program in school history had been able to do.

Sure, you might hate her for her bluntness, but as those final seconds ticked away on Sunday, you couldn’t help but realize that the late great Coach Pat Summit would be proud of Coach Mulkey and what she will continue to do for the sport of Women’s College Basketball.

Four Championships later, Coach Mulkey will continue to build LSU into a college basketball juggernaut. If you hate them, then you might want to get used to the impending dynasty that Coach Mulkey will have in Baton Rouge. In a talented league like the Southeastern Conference, it won’t be an easy feat for Coach Mulkey, but if you’re an LSU fan, excitement will mount for the future of Tigers Basketball. Championships won’t come every year, but as long as Coach Mulkey is the Head Coach at LSU, the Tigers will be in contention to win Championships.

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