With another series win over Ole Miss, Mississippi State continues to dominate baseball in the Sip

For a seventh straight series, Mississippi State has shown baseball dominance over Ole Miss. In front of a raucous capacity crowd at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville, Mississippi, Mississippi State took two massive games over the visiting Ole Miss Rebels. For generations, Mississippi has been the college baseball capital of the world. With many appearances in the College World Series, two national championships, and traditions so enriched that you could feel them on the moss of the trees in the delta. Some states have sports like Basketball, Football, and Hockey, but Mississippi is a state that lives and breathes baseball.

In the last two seasons alone, Mississippi State and Ole Miss have taken home National Championship trophies. With back-to-back seasons going in favor of the Sip, one could imagine the race that is now on for both programs to obtain the elusive second National Championship.

However, as evident this past weekend when Mississippi State took two out of the three games against Ole Miss at Dudy Noble Field in Starkville, Mississippi. At this point, Mississippi State has better facilities that attract both local and national talent to Mississippi State. Not to mention the Mississippi State faithful keeps shattering attendance records and showing the nation that college baseball runs through Starkville.

In terms of Swayze Field at Ole Miss, sure, it isn’t the Dude, but the environment is without question one of the top in all of baseball. Rebel Nation, like their counterparts in Starkville, come out each game to support their boys.

For baseball in Mississippi means more. Ask anybody in Omaha, Nebraska, who they would like to see in the College World Series every year; the answer would be a simple three teams from the Southeastern Conference. Two of which hail from the great state of Mississippi, over the last two years, Mississippi State and Ole Miss have taken over the College World Series in record numbers. For those outside the state, the love for baseball that Mississippi has might seem a bit odd, but those familiar with the Sip understand the depth of passion for baseball that the people of Mississippi have. Every town has a baseball complex where kids from the neighborhood come with dreams of wearing Maroon and White and or Red and Navy, with only a few achieving a lifetime dream of many.

All things considered, Mississippi State is the pillar of excellence that others strive to be. Ole Miss has rendered plans to bring Swayze Field to the standard needed to keep up with their neighbors to the East. Sure, College Baseball roads run through Starkville, Mississippi, but for generations to come, the state of Mississippi will be the standard that other baseball regions will have to follow, or they will be left behind in the dust.

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