What to expect out of the site heading into the future

As I started my journey into the sports journalism world four short years ago, it was always a pipe dream of mine to own my website with that dream finally becoming a reality in 2020.

It might seem weird to some as to why anybody in their right mind would launch a sports website in the middle of a pandemic. The answer is simple, as many of you, I am sick and tired of narrative-driven, dishonest, sports journalism that has plagued this country for so long.

What to expect from the site, one might ask? It’s simple, expect for daily, up to date, honest, sports news. Not only will the podcast remain the same with the great guest that we have weekly, but the website will also be a place for the everyday fan to come and get accurate sports news, without the strings that the bigger publications have. This site will also operate with an open-door policy if there is a certain storyline, or interview, or whatever else that you would like to see, my direct messages will always be open, along with an email account.

Twitter can be found by simply typing in @MitchDavisShow or MitchDavis_8, if you prefer to email the site, you can reach that by typing in TheMitchDavisShow@aol.com.

As this site grows, I ask that my loyal fan base grows with it, it will be rocky at first as any new venture is, but the future is bright for this brand.

Lastly, for those who have supported me and my brand this far to this point in my career, my eternal thanks. As we continue to grow the brand, let’s grow together and celebrate all that is to come for the site.

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