College Basketball now has a start date, November 25th

After six months, we finally have news regarding the rebound of college basketball. The NCAA announced late Wednesday afternoon that the College basketball season would tip-off on November 25th, creating a feast week unlike ever before. Included in the start date will be a shortened regular season schedule.

According to the NCAA, teams can start official practices on October the 14th. Included in that, the NCAA will allow for eight hours a week of on court work starting September 21st.

As far as the scheduling goes, teams will play 20 conference games and a minimum of 4 nonconference matchups with the maximum of nonconference games being 7, for a total of 27 games this season compared to 31.

As far as the NCAA Tournament goes, the minimum required games to qualify has dramatically decreased from 25 games to 13. The reasoning behind it? They expect to have positive Covid-19 cases, which in turn will give teams more of a cushion to work with this season.

Just like football, college basketball is officially back and that calls for a celebration that the sports world has never seen before.

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