The game of the decade, it’s Alabama, it’s Georgia, and it all goes on down on Saturday night

Tuscaloosa, Alabama:

With just the mere mention of programs like Georgia and Alabama, college football fans across the globe will get giddy with excitement like a child on Christmas Day. These two programs will square off on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa in a game in which some are calling it ” The Game Of The Decade.” This time around, these two are playing in the biggest college football game of the new decade. Saturday’s game very well could be the first game out of two heavyweight battles between the two this season, the first on Saturday and the second on December 19th in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.

These two programs have been at the top of the college football world over the last six years or since the hiring of Kirby Smart at Georgia. These two programs have competed for a national championship and SEC championships alike in those six seasons.

Long before that, Georgia and Alabama have had one of the most underrated rivalries in all of college football. This rivalry dates back to 1895. Alabama holds the overall series lead 40-25-4, with the latest two games coming in 2018 in the SEC Championship and the National Championship game.

For Georgia, they need this win over Alabama to prove they belong at the table with the elite programs like Clemson, Ohio State, and Alabama. Since taking over at Georgia, Head Coach Kirby Smart has won several big-time games but never beaten Alabama or won a national championship. On Saturday in Tuscaloosa, that could all change for Kirby and his team. With a win over Alabama, Georgia will also sit alone at the top of the SEC pecking order as we head to the mid-point of the season.

For Alabama, a win over Georgia would mean business as usual. The Crimson Tide are expected to win this game with the Bulldogs despite being without their fearless leader in Nick Saban due to Coach catching the virus on Wednesday afternoon. On paper, Alabama is better at every position on the field, they’re deeper, bigger, and faster. There’s a reason that Coach Saban and his teams have had the number of the Bulldogs since Saban took over the Alabama program.

With that being said, the gap between the two programs has drastically narrowed over the years. Which in football terms, sets up beautifully for a game on Saturday night in Tuscaloosa that will be one for the record books. Hence the phrase, ” Game Of The Decade.” Saturday night will be an all-out war between the two teams no matter who the coaches are on the sidelines, this matchup will separate the men from the boys.

At the end of the day on Saturday, the college football world will be put on full notice as to who runs the SEC. Saturday night will also give a much-needed break from reality for the SEC.

Alabama and Georgia will kick off during the 7:00 P.M. CBS primetime slot, a rightful place for a game of this magnitude.

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