Ohio State and Michigan has been canceled, now it’s time for the Aggies and Buckeyes to meet up and settle this once and for all.

Columbus, Ohio:

Per a release from both universities, Ohio State and Michigan has been canceled due to positive Covid cases within the Michigan program.

This will be the first time since the 1918 season that Ohio State and Michigan won’t play each other on the gridiron.

With the cancellation of the game between the Buckeyes and Wolverines, it opens the door for a possible Playoff play-in game between Texas A&M and Ohio State.

Rules would have to change on the fronts of the Big 10 and SEC, but a game between the Buckeyes and Aggies needs to happen. A matchup between Ohio State and Texas A&M would be an automatic College Football Playoff elimination game.

Ohio State is ranked third, and Texas A&M is ranked fifth. Both the Aggies and Buckeyes would come into the matchup with something to prove, and Covid or not, this matchup is needed in the college football world.

Just last week, BYU and Coastal Carolina scheduled a game on a Wednesday afternoon and played the game on Saturday night. That game between Coastal and BYU was one of the best games of this season. Not to mention, so far this week, neither team has had a single positive Covid-19 case, which is impressive given the current situation in the country.

From a logistic standpoint, the game between the Aggies and Buckeyes could either be played at home for the highest-ranked team which, would give Ohio State the advantage, or they could meet in the middle and play in Memphis Tennessee at the Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. The Liberty Bowl is exactly the halfway point between the two campuses of Ohio State and Texas A&M.

The Big 10 and the SEC need to come together and give the College Football world what they truly deserve. It’s time for the two conferences to lay down their differences and set up a monster matchup between the Aggies and Buckeyes.

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