It’s finally time to give Tom Brady his full respect after proving yet again, why he’s the GOAT

Tom Brady proved once again there was no comparison to be made when talking about the greatest quarterback of all time after winning his 7th Super Bowl ring. However, that’s not good enough for some people, some people started the chatter, is Tom Brady the greatest football player of all-time? Although it’s an accurate question and one we’ll answer in this article, it’s almost impossible to know. The game of football has changed over the years, the development of players has changed, and it’s hard to compare different position players.

On paper, Tom Brady not only has the stats to back up the claims, but he also has the most Super Bowl rings at seven. At 43, Tom Brady still seems to be in his prime without missing a beat at all. There is truly no other athlete on the face of the earth that could do what Tom Brady is doing at age 43. Not only does Brady have seven rings, but he also holds just about every NFL passing record known to mankind.

When you compare Tom Brady to the other greats in the NFL, there’s no comparison. What Tom Brady has done with the guys around him, alone should be enough to push Brady to the mountaintop of the greatest of all-time. Time after time, Brady has taken guys who were either drafted late in the NFL draft or even undrafted and molded them into great role players who end up making a huge difference on the team.

Before leaving New England, people had said he couldn’t make it without Bill Belichick, they also said Brady was a system quarterback and Coach Belichick was to be given credit for his success. Well, once again, Tom Brady proved the doubters wrong as he celebrated his 7th Super Bowl win on Sunday night. Now that Brady is in Tampa Bay, he’s able to be himself, he’s able to have fun playing football again and that alone should strike fear into the rest of the NFL.

As the offseason approaches and rumors swirl, the football world must give Tom Brady his dues and respect the man, the same way people do Michael Jordan. Nobody knows how much longer Tom Brady will suit up on Sunday’s, but one thing is for certain, he’s going to do it until he loses the joy of playing the game.

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