Welcome back old friend, we’ve missed you

For one hundred and fifty-one years, College Football has been the cornerstone of American culture. Through the years, no matter what has been thrown our way, College Football was there. Through wars, through depressions, through two global pandemics, heck even through all the good times, College Football has stood the test of time, and this year, it’s about celebrating that fact. It’s about not taking for granted the Saturdays spent with family, friends, and thousands of like-minded people gathering together to celebrate life without a care in the world of the problems we face daily.

Quite honestly, after the year we all have had, it’s perfectly normal to get excited about this season. From small towns to the big cities, the coming of a normal College Football season will come around like a long friend that you haven’t seen in a while. This season will feel so normal for all of us, no matter your school or what fight song you sing. Saturday’s this fall will bring a new sense of hope and excitement to a country that needs it the most.

Photo Credit: Alabama Football

So what about this season? What can fans from around the country expect from the 2021 College Football season?

Here’s the truth, 2021 will be a special year for all of us as College Football returns to normal. Fans will be able to gather once again. We will be able to tailgate, get dressed in our colors, and most, importantly we’ll be able to gather together and have the unique opportunity to celebrate life together. Without any outside noise, College football fans will finally be able to cheer on their teams as they see fit.

Photo Credits: UCF Football

In case you’re one of the few that have forgotten about the pure beauty of College Football season, let me remind you. Anything and everything will happen. From monster upsets in week one to Alabama and Clemson playing for another National Championship, College Football is back, and for that, we are thankful.

Don’t let anybody steal your thunder this fall. We’ve made it, folks! None of us know or understand what the teams will do this season, but one thing is for certain the 2021 season has the potential to be the most spectacular season we have ever had in the one hundred and fifty-one years of College Football.

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