Make College Football, College Football again

We’re less than five days away from kicking off the 2021 College Football season, and it’s time we make ” College Football Great Again.” Whatever happened to the days where a football hit wasn’t a penalty? What about being the opposing team going into a foreign environment and being treated like dirt? Quite honestly, football, like our society, has gotten soft. No longer can you pop a guy’s helmet off in an old-fashioned football hit without costing your team 15 yards. No longer can schools honor traditions that have been around for one hundred plus years, all because people have gotten soft.

Photo Credits: Alabama Football

No more are the days when a traditional football hit is considered just that, a football hit. Nowadays, everything is targetting. Which, in most cases, leads to being thrown out of the football game and a costly 15-yard penalty all because a football player made a football hit. The reasoning behind it makes sense to an extent, but football is a violent game; it’s a physical game, and those who play the game understand what’s at risk every time they set foot on the field. However, if it’s not broken then, why fix it? For many, the product on the field isn’t as good as it was when we were kids. Overall, the product on the field has gotten softer, which the same can be said, about basketball, physical play is no more and, if you’re too physical, you get penalized.

Photo Credits: LSU Football

As far as traditions go, for whatever reason, people have now become offended at every little thing in College Football and, those people have made it a mission to water down the overall experience just because they don’t agree with something a program does. Those people have also made it their mission to make College Football a political stunt. For example, there was an article posted this week that talked about the Notre Dame Leprechaun as one of the most offensive mascots in football, which is crazy to think about because that Leprechaun mascot has been around since the Fighting Irish started playing football well over 100 years ago. Not to mention, those are the same people who say it’s wrong for us fans to partake all day in adult beverages which leads to having a little fun with the opposing team, nothing vile but, there’s wrong with taunting, again it’s what makes College Football so great. Personally speaking, there’s nothing better than going into an opposing stadium as the road fan being taunted then your team leaving with a win. Again, College Football has stood the test of time, so why should we change those traditions just because after one hundred and fifty years, people find them offensive and worthy of being canceled.

Photo Credits: Navy Football

College Football has and will always be the one constant in all of our lives and, it’s time we come together to keep College Football Great. We face a crazy future with realignments and the ever-changing culture of College Football, but let’s not forget what makes College football so great after all. It’s the hard hits that make the whole world stop. It’s the time-old traditions that we all know and love. College Football has made it this far without change. Let’s work together to preserve College Football by making the sport great again.

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