Memphis defeats Lane College 88-49 to close out the preseason

Memphis, Tennessee:

Sunday was a day for fine-tuning for Head Coach Penny Hardaway and his Memphis Tigers as they dominated Lane College 88-49. Not only was Sunday a blowout win for the Tigers, but it was the last in-game situation before the Tigers open the regular season on Tuesday night, November the 9th, at home against Tennessee Tech.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

It wasn’t pretty at first as Lane College came out and tried to play Memphis at their own game, then at the under 12 media timeout in the first half, Coach Hardaway adjusted, and the rest was history. Memphis closed the first half with a 44-23 lead. Leading the way for the Tigers in the first half in scoring was Landers Nolley, who left the first half with an impressive fourteen points.

In the second half, it was more or less the same. Memphis dominated Lane College, with Landers Nolley leading the charge. Landers Nolley finished the day with eighteen points in just 18 total minutes of playing time.

Overall, it’s hard to tell how good or even bad a basketball team is when they’re playing these exhibition games against subpar teams who compete in D2 or lower, but it’s time a win in which the Tigers scored a lot of points and fine-tuned things for the last time before the real deal. Personally, I think Memphis will be just fine this season. The main leaders of this team will likely come in the form of Landers Nolley and Lester Quinones. Both Nolley and Quiones combined for 23 points.

Photo Credits: Memphis Basketball

Memphis fans will also enjoy having a talented forward in Emoni Bates, who was the Tigers, second-leading scorer today with twelve points. On the court, Bates plays with a certain level of intensity that Memphis fans will appreciate and come to love as this season progresses.

Next up for the Memphis Tigers will be the season opener against Tennessee Tech on Tuesday night, November the 9th.

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