The First College Football Playoff Rankings Announced

It’s the first week of November which, could only mean one thing it’s time for the first College Football Playoff Rankings of the season. For a month, we will gather around on our television sets every Tuesday night to see where our beloved teams stand within the College Football Playoff rankings, which is the telling sign as to where our teams will be heading for a bowl game.

As expected Georgia, comes into the rankings ranked as number one in the country. From there, the committee went with head-to-head matchups, the strength of schedules, and the flashiness of their wins.

The College Football Playoff Committee also sent a very loud message to the Group Of Five teams in Cincinnati and UTSA. No matter how good these teams are on paper, if they don’t compete in the Power Five, then the body of work doesn’t matter. Cincinnati is ranked 2nd in the AP Poll and UTSA 16th. In the College Football Playoff Rankings, Cincinnati is 6th, and UTSA is unranked.

A lot of football has yet to be played, but here’s how the College Football Playoff Committee has ranked the top 25.

Photo Credits: Georgia Football
  1. Georgia
  2. Alabama
  3. Michigan State
  4. Oregon
  5. Ohio State
  6. Cincinnati
  7. Michigan
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Wake Forest
  10. Notre Dame
  11. Oklahoma State
  12. Baylor
  13. Auburn
  14. Texas A&M
  15. BYU
  16. Ole Miss
  17. Mississippi State
  18. Kentucky
  19. NC State
  20. Minnesota
  21. Wisconsin
  22. Iowa
  23. Fresno State
  24. San Diego State
  25. Pittsburgh

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