It does indeed, ” Just Mean More”

For the second time in three years, the Southeastern Conference will see two programs in College Football playoffs, and thirteen out of fourteen members earn bowl bids. Which, if you compare the Southeastern Conference to any other conference, you’ll be able to understand why the rest of the College Football world hates the SEC so much.

Photo Credits: UGA Football

From the outside looking in, the Southeastern Conference dominance of College Football is annoying and probably unfair, but it’s not the Southeastern Conference’s job to stop itself. In fairness, every program starts the season on an even playing field. It’s not the fault of the SEC programs for getting the best talent from the rest of the country.

Not to mention, when you look across the landscape of current SEC coaches, you will see a landscape filled with championships, several high-level bowls wins, and the combination of the best coaches at any level of football.

Photo Credits: Arkansas Football

All of that plays into the successful seasons that the Southeastern Conference has grown accustomed to and will continue to have until the end of time the SEC is and will always be College Football. You see, this season alone, the Southeastern has thirteen programs that have earned a postseason play and will all compete for their respected bowl championship, two of which are in the College Football Playoffs.

You know, there’s a saying in the Southeastern Conference, ” It just means more.” More teams, more championships, more All-Americans, and more exciting football. You see, down south, College Football is king and has been for our entire life. Growing up in the South, you cheer for whatever college football program that generations before passed down to you to continue to future generations.

KNOXVILLE, TN – SEPTEMBER 09: Jonathan Kongbo #1 of the Tennessee Volunteers celebrates with teammates after a tackle for a loss during the first half of the game against the Indiana State Sycamores at Neyland Stadium on September 9, 2017 in Knoxville, Tennessee. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Say what you want about the South, but you will never be able to say anything negative about the brand of College Football they put on the field each year. Sure, the SEC has a program or two that might not always compete on the football field, but I guarantee you that if you asked any other conference in college athletics who they would like to beat the most, a vast majority, if not all, would answer the SEC.

Photo Credits: Alabama Football

Down here, College Football does mean more. For a lot of folks, it’s all we got. With another bowl season upon us, it’s always important to honor greatness when we see it. The Southeastern Conference might not win all their bowls this season, but having thirteen teams in postseason play is something the conference should celebrate and honor. What we’re witnessing as College Football fans will never be done again. From two playoffs teams to eleven other programs, the Southeastern Conference runs College Football; you might as well respect it because unless you beat them head to head, there’s no changing it.

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