An early look at the 2021 AutoZone Liberty Bowl matchup between Mississippi State and Texas Tech

We’ve made it, folks! It’s finally time again to talk about another thrilling AutoZone Liberty Bowl matchup. This year, Mississippi State will be taking on the Red Raiders of Texas in what most expect to be one of the most explosive bowl games on the docket. Not to mention, the 2021 AutoZone Liberty Bowl will see a rematch between the most intriguing coach in College Football in Mike Leach, who will be making his first appearance against his old since his abrupt departure back in 2009.

Photo Credits: Texas Tech

On paper, Mississippi State and Texas Tech are two evenly matched football teams who like to light up the scoreboard. You see, Mississippi State and Texas Tech have the same viewpoint on offense as the pirate himself in Mike Leach. It’s not the job of either team to let up either it’s the job of the defense to take away the passing lanes that will, in turn, take away any real shot either team has a victory.

Photo credits: Mississippi State Football

Both Mississippi State and Texas Tech had identical seasons filled with the highs of highs and the miserable defeats followed by the disappointing losses to in-state rivals that just about the Bulldogs and Red Raiders their seasons. Despite the lows this season, to close out the season in Memphis against one another is one heck of a way to build a solid foundation for the 2022 season.

From the depth chart perspective, Mississippi State holds the advantage on defense and at quarterback, with Will Rodgers leading the way for the Bulldogs. Will Rodgers has had one of those seasons that, for the most part, Mississippi State fans have been able to get excited about as they build towards a bigger and brighter future under Head Coach Mike Leach. Also, Mississippi State has one the most promising wide receiver cores in the country, with guys like Makai Polk, Lideatrick Griffin, and Jaden Walley in the arsenal for Mike Leach and Will Rodgers to utilize.

Photo Credits: Memphis Football

For Texas Tech, like Mississippi State, they too have a crazy talented quarterback in Donovan Smith. The dual-threat redshirt freshman is a guy that Mississippi State will have to figure out how to stop. He’s no Matt Corral at Ole Miss, but Donovan Smith has the potential to give the Bulldogs fits. Texas Tech also has a running back by the name of Tahj Brooks, who is the power behind the Red Raiders offensive unit. Not known for his speed but for his sheer power to move the needle will provide another tough challenge for Mississippi State.

Photo credits: Texas Tech Football

Overall, the 2021 AutoZone Liberty Bowl will be one of the most anticipated football matchups in recent history. College Football fans will be in for a special treat when these two programs take on each other in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

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