There’s nothing quite like the view from the cheap seats

For my entire life attending an Allstate Sugar Bowl has always been a top-shelf bucket list item to take in and add to an already impressive resume filled with top-shelf sporting events. In all honesty, it never made a difference to me who would be playing in the game when I was fortunate enough to take in a Sugar Bowl weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana. That opportunity came in the form of a guys’ weekend with no tickets until the day of the game itself.

You see, for five years, I’ve been sitting in press boxes across the entire Southeast. I’ve covered bowl games every season since launching my brand back in 2017. When I started my brand in 2017, I wanted to be the voice of the fans with a hint of inside information, and Saturday night in the Superdome was, in ways, a return back to my roots. I didn’t have a press pass or a fancy media meal. All I had on Saturday in the Big Easy was a pregame unlike any other on Bourbon Street and a ticket in the nosebleed way up in the 600s level of the historic Caesars Superdome.

I wasn’t amongst the rich, the famous, or the lucky on Saturday night. I was amongst the everyday fan who, like me, likely dreamed about attending a Sugar Bowl since the day they were born, let alone getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear their respected colors on that sacred night.

For some, both in the media and the everyday fan, the very thought of sitting high above the field is something they find to be rather challenging considering all the wonderful perks found elsewhere. Yet, from my personal experience both as a kid growing up and a fan now, there’s no better fan in sports than the fan who can barely afford to see their team, but they’re just excited to be there.

On Saturday night at the Superdome, I found myself sitting in section 615, row 30. It was a split section between Baylor and Ole Miss fans. However, there were no fights; there was no drama; all it was around me were people of all walks of life enjoying the beauty of College Football. You could hear the Hotty Toddy chants throughout the section echoed by the abundance of BU chants to follow. In all honesty, at that moment in time, as a College Football fan, it was hard not to enjoy the moment despite not having a dog in the fight.

In all honesty, Saturday night was a night that I felt like the brand itself returned to the roots that made it so special when it all started back in 2017. What’s crazy about that? College Football for years has had a way of drawing folks from all over to one center stage together as one, united with the common love obsession with the beautiful game of College Football.

Baylor might have dominated Ole Miss from the opening kick-off to the final whistle, but fans left the Allstate Sugar Bowl with memories that will last a lifetime and will be shared with generations to come. That alone is worth the price of admission.

As we close another chapter in the book of College Football and enter into the 2022 season, I would encourage each one of you to take a random College Football road trip next season and find you a cheap seat. You might be surprised with the amount of love you will have for the game of College Football and how sitting in the cheap seats will impact the way you view the game.

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