Baylor Bears, the new age of dominance in Texas and around the country

It’s been one heck of a sports year for the fine folks in Waco, Texas, as the Baylor athletics department has found itself in the hands of lady luck with a National Championship in Men’s Basketball and an Allstate Sugar Bowl Championship. To add to that list of success this calendar year, the Men’s Basketball is still ranked first in the country to go with a top 25 women’s basketball program as well. To say it’s been a good year for the Baylor Bears fan base is a vast understatement compared to the rest of the country.

Photo credits: Baylor Women’s Basketball

So what exactly is the secret to a successful Athletics Department? If Baylor can do it, why can’t everybody else? What’s the ceiling for Baylor and their passionate fan base in 2022?

In all honesty, Baylor probably would have made more long-term sense for the Southeastern Conference to add to the conference rather than the Longhorns from Texas. Unlike Texas, Baylor has the money, but they don’t have all the red tape that holds the Longhorns back from reaching pinnacle athletic department potential.

Coming off the calendar year they just had, folks around the college sports landscape have started to mentally take note of the awakening of a giant in the Baylor Bears. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s safe to say that Baylor is the best athletics department in the state of Texas and even quite possibly one of the best in the country heading into the new year.

Photo credits: Baylor Football

Baylor and College athletics fans alike should be excited for what’s to come with this athletics department. Every few years, you’ll have an athletics department get on a hot streak followed up with Championships and parades for the fans, and when those happen in sports history, it’s fun even as an outsider to take a step back and appreciate that program in what they’ve been to build. You see, Baylor is going through a stretch in their program’s history that will be made into a movie one day and forever etched into the folklore of Baylor athletics.

Photo credits: Baylor Men’s basketball

As Baylor and the rest of the College Athletics world enter into a new year, the rest of the entire sports world has been put on notice as the Baylor Bears look to continue their dominance across the board in both the Big 12 conference and on the national scene as well. Baylor isn’t stopping for anyone. Expect for the Bears to continue national dominance while holding down the state of Texas on and off the field of play.

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