A conversation with the legendary Skip Bertman

It’s not every day that you have the opportunity to sit down with a five-time National Championship, Hall of Fame, and College Baseball Coach like a Skip Bertman. However, on Wednesday afternoon, I had the honor of a lifetime to talk with Skip about his legacy and time at LSU.

During that time of the interview with Skip, it was as if time itself had frozen; nothing else mattered.

Photo Credits: TigerBait.com

As a kid from the South, interviewing a guy like Skip Bertman was only something that seemed too far-fetched for imagination. Yet, the larger-than-life figure took time out of his busy day to talk with me about all things LSU Baseball.

Here are the things I learned about Skip Bertman in my conversation with the legendary College Baseball Coach.

First, Skip Bertman loves his family. Like many, Skip Bertman would spend countless hours at the Athletics Office building LSU into the brand it is today but never lost sight of the importance of being a family man.

Second, despite being one of the most prolific coaches in College Baseball history, Coach Bertman treats everybody with respect. During my fifteen-minute conversation with Skip, the way he made me feel like something very few words could ever describe. Skip Bertman could have easily given me coaches’ talk with rather vague answers, but that’s not who Skip is. It’s hard to say, but it sure does seem like Skip likes to make everybody feel welcome; that’s just the man he is.

Photo Credits: LSU Baseball

Third, despite winning several National Championships, Skip Bertman wants to make sure that his players and the people at LSU know how much he loves them and that he is thankful for them and their support of LSU athletics through the years.

Fourth, Skip Bertman believes with everything in his body that current Head Coach Jay Johnson will take LSU to heights that even Skip Bertman; Paul Mainieri could have never reached in their at LSU Baseball. Skip mentioned the work ethic of Jay Johnson was unmatched and would prepare the program to win another National Championship shortly.

Photo Credits: TigerBait.com

Here’s the thing a guy like Skip Bertman is an SEC treasure. What he has done for the game of College Baseball is unmatched, yet, Skip takes the time to build new relationships with the younger generation. Despite all the success throughout his career, Skip Bertman gets it; the SEC is about the relationships built through our mutual love for the programs and traditions we hold dear.

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