In an unlikely season, the road to Hoover goes through Oxford

What started as a National Championship season for Mike Bianco and his Ole Miss Rebels has reared the ugly head of disappointment as Ole Miss limps its way into a crucial weekend series with the Missouri Tigers. For many around College Baseball, the thought of Ole Miss hosting Missouri in a must-win series was a thing of imagination.

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

Yet, here we are.

Ole Miss has failed to deliver on its potential, and the Rebels face a situation this weekend where a win would all but guarantee Ole Miss a spot in Hoover at the SEC Tournament. A series loss to the Missouri Tigers this weekend at Swayze Field would put the nail in the coffin on Ole Miss and potentially Mike Bianco as Head Coach of the Rebels.

So like, what happened?

Photo Credits: Ole Miss Baseball

Ole Miss got destroyed by Tennessee back in early March, but, unlike their SEC counterparts, Ole Miss never bounced back. In a month and a half, Ole Miss has only won one home SEC game since losing to Tennessee. Ole Miss has gotten so close to bouncing back on numerous occasions, but the Rebels haven’t been able to get over that hump.

From the outside looking in, Ole Miss still has the fight we’ve expected to see all season long. All it takes in College Baseball is one series of good fortunes, and the perspective on the season has completely changed. This weekend is no different. Ole Miss has no choice but to find a series win over Missouri.

If Ole Miss struggles this weekend and can’t find it in them to win the series over Missouri, a lot of crazy could happen within the program. They’ll be no postseason in Oxford, and it will likely be the final strike in the tenure of Mike Bianco at Ole Miss.

Photo Credits: SEC Baseball

Overall, Ole Miss should be able to figure out a way to defeat Missouri this weekend to keep hopes of the postseason alive. Weirder things have happened in Baseball; this weekend against Missouri has the potential to be the turning point of the 2022 Ole Miss Baseball season.

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