Despite success at Vanderbilt, Tate Kolwyck remains the same humble kid from Memphis

As a kid from Memphis, Tennessee, Tate Kolwyck dreamed about playing College Baseball at the highest levels, which he has accomplished by earning a starting role in one of the most storied college Baseball programs around. As a Vanderbilt Commodore, Tate Kolwyck has etched his name into the longstanding fabric of the Vandy Boys brotherhood.

However, despite the on-the-field success at Vandy, Tate Kolwyck is still the same kid he was when he shattered the record books at Leawood East Baptist Church and Arlington High School. In an interview with the Hit It To Hoover podcast, Tate was asked about his time as a young athlete at Leawood East Baptist Church playing under Coach Davis, to which Tate credited the love he had for playing to those early times when life was simple and teammates were his brothers.

Fast forward a few years, and Tate was turning double plays and winning championships at Arlington High School in Arlington, Tennessee. Once again, Tate was learning what it meant to be a top-tier baseball player preparing him mentally and physically for the grind of playing in the SEC.

Photo Credits: Vanderbilt Baseball

From Arlington High School to Vanderbilt, Tate has remained the same guy, unchanged by his success at the highest level in the best College Baseball Conference in the country.

In his many seasons in Nashville, Tate has been a part of a National Championship team in 2019 and played under a legendary coach in Tim Corbin. Tate has had many great memories at Vandy, but in the conversation with the Hit It To Hoover podcast, Tate talked about the legacy he wants to leave behind when his career at Vanderbilt ends. Tate responded humbly by saying, ” He wanted to pass the torch to the next generation of Vanderbilt Baseball players, so they too could carry on the legacy of Vanderbilt Baseball.”

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